Tom Ledger Illustration
Drawing of Golden Square, Soho
Golden Square, Soho, 2014
Drawing of Radcliffe Camera, Oxford
Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, 2014
Venice canal scene drawing
Venice canal scene, 2013
Drawing of St Pauls
St Pauls, 2014
Drawing of Danny Glover
Danny Glover, 2014
Drawing of Björk
Björk, 2014
Drawing of Kant in Shuttershades
Kant in Shuttershades, 2014
Drawing of Ed Milliband as a flump and David Cameron as a robot
Ed Milliflump and David Camerobot, 2014
Christmas card based on drawing of a bust of Louis XIV
Christmas card based on bust of Louis XIV, 2012
Drawing of Capybara riding a terrapin in space
A capybara riding a terrapin in space, 2013
Drawing of a contraption
Contraption, 2014
Drawing of Thor Asleep
Thor Asleep, 2014
Drawing of Der Trommler
Der Trommler (Michael Sandle, Tate), 2014
Drawing of a Lemur
Ringtailed lemur, 2014
Drawing of Fruit and veg
Still life, 2014
Drawing of Seafood
Seafood on Deptford Market, 2014