Tom Ledger Illustration
Michelangelo's David drawing
Michelangelo's David (cast in the V&A), 2015
Tree in Regents park
Tree in Regents park, 2015
NEIR logo drawing
Logo for No Elephants in the Room, IT consultancy, 2014
Drawing of Che Capybara
Che Capybara t-shirt design, 2014
Drawing of a Capybara riding a terrapin in space
A capybara riding a terrapin in space, 2013
Drawing of Green Park
Green Park, 2015
Drawing of Der Trommler
Der Trommler by Michael Sandle at Tate Britain, 2013
Drawing of a Contraption
Contraption, 2014
Drawing of a broccoli romanesco
Broccoli romanesco, 2014
Pelicans in St James' Park
Pelicans in St James' Park, 2014
Goose drawing
Goose, 2014
Drawing of a still life
Still life, 2014
Drawing of Seafood
Seafood on Deptford Market, 2014
Drawing of a sculpture of the Foot of Hermes
Foot of Hermes, 2011
Drawing of Poussin's The Golden Calf
The Golden Calf by Poussin, 2014
Drawing of a lemur
Lemur, 2013